I specialize in developing publications, writers and commanding narratives.

Projects with students

Director, The Istanbul Project. I run a summer foreign reporting program in Istanbul, Turkey, sponsored by San Francisco State University, Turkey's Bahcesehir University, and the academic group ieiMedia. Undergraduate students cover Istanbul’s culture, politics and people, in words, pictures and video. In 2011, their work was featured in the web magazine Istanbul Stories, and in an anthology of profiles, Faces of Istanbul. Grad students take up correspondent internships, meant as preparation for working abroad.

The internship program was named a finalist for the 2012 GoAbroad Innovative New Internship Program Award.

Editor in chief, Urbino Now magazine. In Italy, I led 11 interns from U.S. universities in the creation of the 2010-2011 edition of Urbino Now, a culture and lifestyle magazine that circulates in Italy's Le Marche region. Click the PDF above to see the magazine.

I created and oversaw magazine-writing internships for students at New York University, UCLA, the University of Nebraska, Colorado State University and Quinnipiac University; assigned and line-edited their stories; hired and directed a magazine designer; and delivered this camera-ready magazine for publication. Summer 2010.

Director, NYU Livewire. I built a national feature syndicate for New York University's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, a project to encourage professional publication of student work. More than 200 editors around the county subscribed, and 90 percent of Livewire stories were published, in such venues as the Christian Science Monitor, the Orange County Register, the Boston Globe, the Philadelphia Daily News, The Daily Beast , The San Francisco Chronicle , Interpress News Service, Worldpress, and abroad, at The New Black Magazine (London), the Athens (Greece) News, the Turkish Daily News and The New Democrat (Monrovia). January 2006 to June 2010.

Co-editor, Street Level . With the writer Pete Hamill, I co-edited the New York University journalism institute's online magazine of top undergraduate journalism, in 2009.

Professional projects

Communications Consultant, United Nations Development Programme. Teaching and editing for UNDP staff. Spring 2009 to present.

Special Projects Editor, Global Finance magazine, New York. I managed a department, oversaw a large magazine section and developed global network of 25 freelance correspondents. I conceived, commissioned, and wrote or edited four to eight magazine articles per month about international business and policy in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Typical topics projects were the outlook for Latin American energy; for Russian portfolio investment; for the Turkish economy. Traveled abroad frequently. May 1996 to May 1997.

Book Doctor, Collapse: The Venezuelan Banking Crisis of 1994, by Ruth de Krivoy. (The Group of Thirty, Washington, D.C., 2000) Helped Venezuela's former Central Bank president write a dramatic tale of a nation's financial meltdown.
"An interesting and provocative case study in political economy." --Mercedes Da Costa, the IMF quarterly Finance and Development. Read the review.

Editor in Chief, Emerging Markets Debt Report/the American Banker, New York. Produced a weekly 12-page Wall Street newsletter on developing country political and economic policy. Covered the Mexican peso crisis, a U.S./Latin presidential summit, the Russian and Turkish economies, IMF-World Bank meetings and policy. Oversaw redesign of the publication, founded international bonds coverage, managed a small department and six freelance correspondents abroad. April 1992 to May 1996.

Chief editor, Latin Source, global analytical service. Edit the work of former top policymakers in Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Central America, Turkey, Ukraine and China, helping them provide economic and political insights about their countries to corporations and Wall Street investors. 2002-present.

Editor, Dispatches from Ground Zero. Ran NYU’s daily faculty/student magazine about the impacts of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, overseeing four faculty editors.

Twenty one of our stories were selected for the anthology 9/11 8:48 a.m.: Documenting America's Greatest Tragedy, the first book about the attacks. 2001-2002.

Contributing editor, 09/11 8:48 a.m.: Documenting America's Greatest Tragedy (BlueEar/BookSurge, 2001) Oversaw the contribution of 21 essays from the digital magazine "Dispatches from Ground Zero" the the first book about the terrorist attacks, an anthology, 2001. Read the reviews

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