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Big World Magazine

Storytelling about Places

Just because McDonald's and Nike have staked out the choicest spots on the world’s main streets doesn’t mean whole neighborhoods have homogenized, that dinner conversations cut the same way in Kansas and Karachi, or that you'll never again find fresh ways to journey, think, create, explore or dress.

That's why we've started Big World. We reject the popular idea that people only care about what happens in their neighborhood -- and that we already understand all we need to about other places, anyway.

We help our readers delve into new voyages and ideas, and global cultural developments and trends, via evocative stories, voices, video and art.

Want to contribute? We're in search of strong narrative journalism about places, whether through writing, photography, videography, or a combination of these.

If we accept your piece, we’ll promote your correspondent's bio, feature your ad, and, if you'd like us to syndicate your work, pay you 50% of any syndication earnings. Plus follow you on Twitter, and sing your praises to everyone we know.

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