Trade Warrier

Working Woman, June 1999
Increasing exports is an uphill battle
By Mary D'Ambrosio


Politics, Business and Finance
How Raghad Alhallak and her family sold their home and bakery in Syria, scaled a mountain, fought off wild dogs, evaded border guards and nearly drowned at sea before being welcomed in Germany.
The images of crazed migrant hordes bursting through the checkpoints of Fortress Europe make for great TV -- but leave the wrong impression.
Culture & Travel
A Black Sea family had boldly extended its living quarters into an ethnic Greek cemetery. I wasn't sure what upset me more: the desecration, or the historical wrong.
I planned a sybaritic summer in a Turkish village by the sea. I didn't consider that I might have trouble fitting in.
The railroad that bridged German and Italian Switzerland was meant to unify the nation. Up close, the story looked a little different.
On on island near Istanbul, a developer pursues a vision of the past
A story that Venezuelans tell on their Colombian neighbors is coming true at home.
Book Reviews
Explorers' diseases wiped out native populations long before settlers arrived
Why young adults are falling behind
One of Mexico's top political scientists examines the bailout
Politics, Business & Finance
Investors are snapping up bonds in Latin America's sizzling local currencies
Top thinkers and financiers bet on the investment climate a decade hence
Surprising developments in Russia on the heels of Yeltsin's inaugural
After breast cancer, most women return
Currency bands fall out of fashion
Sheer stubborness could improve the U.S. trade balance